It's me!

Well, I'm Paulina, and I am 12 years old, I like maths, ICT and religion even though it sounds strange. I play tennis all the days of the week and in my free time I sing and write songs. I definitely LOVE music; music is my life, I laugh, I cry, I shout, I smile, well, in conclusion music is my friend.. I am starting to learn to play guitar to be able to accompany my songs. In the music topic my favorite singer is Miley Cyrus and my second singers are Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, my future husband is Zac Efron hahaha I?m kidding but he is perfect. 
My favorite food is chicken wings and water! I know it may sound strange that water is my favorite liquid but I can't live without it. My favorite color is light blue, I like singing and hearing music as I said before. I like to play tennis and I like photos of me and of me and my friends. I am used to cook on the weekends and I should say I like cooking any type of food. I am very hyperactive and I like white chocolate and now here are my dislikes... I hate jealous people, people who manipulate and those who let others manipulate them. I don't like when things come out wrong (I am very perfectionist). 

I am doing a blog like everyone in my class, I really like it because you are free to put what you feel and think and if you receive critiques I am sure you will receive good comments; that's the reason you are reading this...