Today I had an assembly about how did people communicate in the past and what technologies did they use and what are nowadays technologies, how have they improved and what do they work for because we are in a unit about comunication and technology in the present and in the past. Today it was 6C and 6D presenting about glogster and voicethreads. I think they made really good presentations and the one that I liked the most was glogster. Tomorrow is 6A and 6B turn to present their topic. I am from 6A and we are presenting about Prezi and 6B is presenting about Animoto. I am preparing my presentation so tomorrow my teacher can choose which will we expose... you can go to my presentation http://prezi.com/nq5hufiht-bk/how-diddo-people-get-in-touch-a-relative-living-abroad/ and tell me if you like it, well I hope you do. You should visit the web pages of this sites to know them and use them at any time you want! Prezi: http://prezi.com/, Glosgter Edu: http://edu.glogster.com/, Animoto: http://animoto.com/ and Voicethreads: http://voicethread.com/. I hope you find them useful. I did but maybe there are somethings that could be improved?


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