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YOU, yes you the person that in this second is reading, have you thought why are you in this moments sitting in front of your computer reading at this? Well, I will give you the answer.
MY blog = is the blog where you can say anything you want (unless it is rude). My blog is going to be interesting because it isn't just about 1 simple topic, but it is about all kind of things that change every day so you DON'T even try to get bored. Mmm... thinking about what I will post; it is so many things such as what I did in my day, what I ate, interesting facts about something, links, books, news, cool applications or even my thoughts when I went to sleep. It is simple, you will learn all type of exotic and different things and topics I learn in my daily life and I really want to share them with YOU for it to be more interesting and for you to complete my ideas.

So why are you doing your blog?

This post is for Challenge 1 in the March 2011 challenge.

Some of my favorite posts are:

Best YouTube videos: The most viewed YouTube ins't it?
It's just fantasy: Matilda's book with a cool movie trailer

Or simply go to categories, some of the best ones are:

Celebrities News: All the latest celebrities news.
Jokes: A new list of jokes every week!

P.S: You should really go to the right and see all the categories I have. See which one catches more your attention and take the risk and press you mouse button. Do you like them? Yes, No, why?

This post is for Challenge 1 in the March 2011 EduBlog challenge.