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Do you liked them? Why? Can they be improved, how?
Have you seen the "Hold it against me video? Uuummm...and all the teasers?
Here is the original video of "Hold it Against Me" but do you think this whole teasers thing was necessary? Or was it just show?
Britney Spears will be releasing these teasers every day until the time her video is revealed in order to keep her fans excited about the Hold It Against Me (HIAM) video. Are this short videos working?

Miley Cyrus rumor that she is dating her “So Undercover” co-star Joshua Bowman! So, what’s his story? Joshua is from England, and according to a source he’s a lot like Miley’s ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth – accent and all! Also similar to Liam, Joshua’s movie with Miley could be his breakout role. The source has also reported that while Miley and Joshua acted like a couple during the months they filmed “So Undercover,” it is unclear if the relationship will continue now that the movie is finished filming.

Do YOU think this is true?

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