This past weeks we have been representing a poem in PowerPoint. This poem includes photos, music, animations and much more to accompany it. My poem is about music...it is in Spanish even though in this days I will have a surprise for those who don't speak Spanish. An Spanish poem for Spanish ones and an English poem for the English ones.

Remember that the day before yesterday I told you about the poetry festival and my poem writing? Well, after publishing the post I thought that it was incomplete and that I was missing- MY POEMS.  

Ok, then so here are my 3 poems:

1. Is this life?

Is this life?
Yes it is!
So come on, on
And let it be…

Life is the cooing and peaceful singing of a dove,
That leads to internal peace…
And when you reach it,
You’ll see how charming and precious paradise is.

Life is the energetic and provoking sound,
In your soul when you are lost…
And even when you don’t find a sign,
The soft and melodious song remains in your heart.

Life is a songbook full of inspiring lyrics,
That appears in a blink of your eyes…
When you live your gorgeous dream,
With a happy smile and a humorous laugh

Life is a celestial and colorful song…
Life makes your heart a guide,
By choosing the successful and healthy path.

Life is the melodic and magnificent message of a song…
Life is the joyful and glamorous rhythm,
That makes your head go round and round.

Music is the sweetest and effectives medicine for life…
Healing all your bloody and bitter heart pain,
Curing all the awful and terrible soul diseases.

OMG yesterday we (my friends and us) where on the poetry festival. The poetry festival is a festival where people recite their own poems on different categories such as: Published poems, unpublished poems, group poems, dramatical poems, between others. I was very nervous because I was chosen for published poem and for group poem.

 I was like the 15th of all the poetry festival with THE INDIVIDUAL POEM and I was like sweating cold! I was very nervous because I was going up to the stage alone knowing that I could be with my group. The worst thing is that we were with lower secondary, I was little compared with the others before me and the biggest problem of that night was "How am I going to put that microphone down?" Hahaha at the end when I got up to the stage I COULD put the microphone down and I laughed a lot after I finished. 

After this whole poetry thing I was thinking about the poems I have wrote in class and thought of all the things they brought me when I thought about them...

Poems inspire me...am I the only one? Or do they inspire you too in a different way?