Remember that the day before yesterday I told you about the poetry festival and my poem writing? Well, after publishing the post I thought that it was incomplete and that I was missing- MY POEMS.  

Ok, then so here are my 3 poems:

1. Is this life?

Is this life?
Yes it is!
So come on, on
And let it be…

Life is the cooing and peaceful singing of a dove,
That leads to internal peace…
And when you reach it,
You’ll see how charming and precious paradise is.

Life is the energetic and provoking sound,
In your soul when you are lost…
And even when you don’t find a sign,
The soft and melodious song remains in your heart.

Life is a songbook full of inspiring lyrics,
That appears in a blink of your eyes…
When you live your gorgeous dream,
With a happy smile and a humorous laugh

Life is a celestial and colorful song…
Life makes your heart a guide,
By choosing the successful and healthy path.

Life is the melodic and magnificent message of a song…
Life is the joyful and glamorous rhythm,
That makes your head go round and round.

Music is the sweetest and effectives medicine for life…
Healing all your bloody and bitter heart pain,
Curing all the awful and terrible soul diseases.

2. Life?

Life is a choice, it’s not obligation
Life is all joy, shouldn’t be depression
Life is a dream, so live it your way
And I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, more than you expect.

Life is a lesson, so learn about it
Life is a short highway, shouldn’t end all spoiled
Because you should be happy instead of all foiled.

Life is cool, or even horrible it can be
Life is happy or sad, depending on what you see
Life depends on you, so follow your heart
And take the right shoot choosing the right path.

Life is good or bad, depending on the side you take
Life depends on yourself, but sometimes take a brake
Along the path that you make, so why don’t be wise?

Taking a wrong turn could be a mistake
But I swear that it wont, if you have some of faith
You should follow your heart, because it’s the best guide
Guiding you through, that’s why you shouldn’t hide.

And last but not least:
3. Sometimes life!

Life is as hard as steel
And as soft as a padded cotton,
It is as dark as a large shadow
And as brilliant as the sun.

Life is as easy as a blinking of an eye
It is as hard as a huge puzzle,
And as funny as a good joke that makes you laugh and laugh out loud.

Life is as painful as a fingerpick
And as grateful as a good friend,
It is as horrible as a long nightmare that actually makes you tremble.

But…Life is precious like a bright diamond
And it is free like a flying bird,
It is writable like a novel that inspires to finish
And silly like stupid thoughts.

But…Life is scary like a bloody thriller
It is enchained like an old prisoner,
And it is crabbed like a tangled mystery that never ends clear.

In conclusion life is misleading like a penny
Life is controllable like a young obedient kid,
It is gorgeous like a big and beautiful flower
But it just depends on the way you want it to be.    

Did you like them...any improvements? What do you think about poems in general and the way people express through them? Ok, it's your turn now! Why don't write a poem about love, happiness, even computers... or maybe just about you!


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