Human: What is a century like to you?
God: It is like s second.
Human: What is billion dollars like to you?
God: Like a penny..
Human: Can i have a penny?
God: Sure, just wait for a second...

A new teacher enters to the course and she presents:
Good morning, my name is Long.
Johnny says:
No matter, we have time.

How do you keep an idiot busy?
(See below)

How do you keep an idiot busy?
(See above)

At school, the teacher says
Lets see Luis, how do you imagine the ideal school?
Closed, teacher!

Do you know that my brother rides a bike since age four?
Mmm, he should be far away.

Come on, son, how much is 4 by 4?
How much is 2 for 1?

This is a lady who calls a butcher shop and asks:
Do you have rabbit ears?
And pig's head?
My God! Are you a monster?

What did Tarzan say to a mouse?
Small and with a mustache!
And what the mouse says to Tarzan?
So big and in a diaper!

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