Yesterday we where in class and a guest came to give us a presentation about technology related with communication. OMG all the things she showed us about different type of publicity where amazing! There were tons of incredible things. For example there was one about a building where things were projected and it had a lot of effect; It seemed as it was breaking in half= Amazing! Ok, if I tell you all the technologies the publisher showed us I will never finish but you should a see them. Oohh another thing I liked a lot was an idea video! Hey, here is the link:
You really need to see the video below about the "magic" mirror... it is really funny!
After the publisher showed us all that amazing videos about all the things technology can reach I felt like a total ignorant. It was like...umm OK I never imagine that could be real and because of my location in the world it is really hard to notice what do developed countries do in terms of technology, but at least we are working on this topic on our unit of inquiry for don't being so ignorant.
After feeling ignorant the publisher assign us a group work. It was very funny because we where 5 of us and we all shouted ideas; we were all very exited about this topic. Our topic was about that Bubaloo  promoting 3 new flavor which were grenadilla-orange and very STRANGE flavor like that. The bad thing was that we were thinking about what was the publicity instead of thinking on the work we had to do. We had to write 3 ways of promoting it and we only manage to finish 2 =S. Hahaha OK this is all for today and I hope that the technology thing moves you and you keep investigating about it, keep us informed.
Many different publicity could be created so why don't turn on your imagining machines and invent one?

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